Does losing Ellsbury dash title hopes?

Does losing Ellsbury dash title hopes?
September 7, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Some injuries hurt worse than others.

Jacoby Ellsbury's foot injury qualifies as one of those injuries.

The Red Sox have demonstrated tremendous depth throughout the season, but the loss of Ellsbury would be difficult to overcome. Lou Merloni says the Sox will be fine if Ellsbury is out for the remainder of the regular season, but if he can't go in the playoffs it's another matter. 
"If he's out for October it's a huge loss any way you look at it," said Merloni.
The Sox have Shane Victorino and Jackie Bradley Jr. as possible replacements in center, but neither can replicate Ellsbury's explosiveness. Furthermore, Victorino has been tremendous in right field, while Bradley Jr. lacks experience. For now, the Sox - and their fans - will hold their breath and wait for a diagnosis.