Is David Ortiz a bad teammate?

Is David Ortiz a bad teammate?
August 24, 2013, 2:45 pm
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Ryan Dempster hit A-Rod. David Ortiz publicly said he didn't like it, and stands by it.

The Baseball Show crew discuss whether David Ortiz is a bad teammate for publicly calling out Ryan Dempster.

"To me, Jorge Ortiz comes up to you, you say 'Ryan Dempster is a teammate of mine, A-Rod is a friend of mine, I don't want to get into this thing. No comment.' and leave it alone." explained Lou Merloni,

"David Ortiz is not a bad teammate. He doesn't always do the smart thing. He talks. He likes to talk. Especially if he's hitting." continued Merloni, "He says some things people shake their heads at… He said something I don't agree with, I think he should've kept it private."

Michael Holley believes that Ortiz may not be a bad teammate, but has made all of his mistakes very public.

"When talking about being a good teammate, we probably focus more on what they say than what they do." added Michael Holley, "He's probably a great teammate who has made some very public mistakes."