Crawford: Pitching will carry Cardinals over Sox

Crawford: Pitching will carry Cardinals over Sox
October 22, 2013, 3:15 pm
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At least Carl Crawford is honest. 

"As a prediction, I don't know who will win," he said with a laugh when asked by Carolyn Manno and Dave Briggs of the NBC Sports Network's SportsDash to predict a World Series champion.

But "I don't know" isn't an acceptable answer, so . . . 

"If you were to ask me, I'd probably say the Cardinals because of their pitching, [which is] just so dominant."

Crawford should know; his Dodgers were shut down buy St. Louis' pitching in the just-completed NLCS, which the Cards won in six games. And since he played for the Red Sox in 2011 and '12, Crawford has a unique insight into this year's matchup:

"Well, I think, obviously, the Cardinals have the pitching. The Red Sox have the better lineup. It should be a good matchup, two powerhouse teams going against each other. It's going to be tough playing games [against] the Red Sox up in Boston; you never how the Cardinals might respond to that. It should be a good series."

The Sox' success is far cry from his sour experience in Boston, in which the Red Sox collapsed down the stretch in '11 and tumbled to a 93-loss season in '12. But he says he's "not that surprised" the Sox rebounded so strongly this year.

"[The] team's always good," he said. "Bobby Valentine came in (as manager in 2012), that kind of just threw things [in] a certain direction that the team probably didn't want to go. But the guys that [are] there, most of the guys were [on the team] that was winning the year before."