Buckley on Lester: 'I've believed all season long'

Buckley on Lester: 'I've believed all season long'
August 29, 2013, 11:30 pm
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While many have doubted the Sox lefty at times this season, The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley has thought all along that his talent would show through.

Lester took the loss in a 3-2 defeat against the Orioles on Thursday night at Fenway, but still pitched well.

Buckley told Greg Dickerson on "Uno Sports Tonight" that he's still a Lester believer.

"He won the clinching game of a World Series, pitched a no-hitter, had about a .700 winning percentage at one time," Buckley said. "I recognize that he hasn't been that guy since then."

Buckley said he believes Lester's manager still has a tremendous amount of faith in the left-hander.

"If you gave John Farrell truth serum, I would bet he has never wavered in his belief that if they get to the postseason and can set up their pitching, Lester would be his No. 1," Buckley said.

The big question that Dickerson, and many Red Sox fans would be quick to point out, "Which Jon Lester are you going to get?" The budding ace of 2010 (19-9) or the mediocre pitcher of 2012 (9-14)?