Buckley: Bad timing for Ortiz to talk PED use

Buckley: Bad timing for Ortiz to talk PED use
August 7, 2013, 9:30 pm
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It's been years since a report brought a David Ortiz failed drug test from 2003 to light, but the slugger is still willing to speak on the subject.

In fact, the longtime DH told WEEI.com that he continues to be mystified he has not been told what exactly he tested positive for all of those years back.

On "Uno Sports Tonight," Gary Tanguay stated that, at the very least, Ortiz has a sound argument.

"I think David Ortiz has a point. I do believe in this country that if you are charged, you should be able to confront your accuser and you should know what the charges are for," Tanguay said. "Now I understand the documents are sealed and they got leaked out to the media, but I do think that the Major League Baseball Players Association should do something about it. I think he has a right to know."

Not everybody was willing to cut Big Papi that slack. The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley was skeptical that Ortiz actually did not know what substance he tested positive for. 

Buckley also questions why Ortiz would decide to offer such a candid answer at this time.

"I'd like to ask why David Ortiz chose to plant this story now. Why is this necessary?" Buckley said. "I don't think it's prudent, I don't think it's wise…what he's doing is drawing attention at a time when we, collectively as a baseball populous, are focusing on Alex Rodriguez and all that has happened with him. What David Ortiz is doing is stepping up on that stage and I find that to be a public relations misstep."