Are we buying that Ellsbury will be back?

Are we buying that Ellsbury will be back?
September 10, 2013, 12:45 am
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On "Uno Sports Tonight,"'s Alex Speier talks with co-hosts Michael Felger and Gary Tanguay about the Jacoby Ellsbury situation.

The Red Sox center fielder has a compression fracture on the top of his foot after he fouled a ball off it. The team said Sunday that Ellsbury will return before the end of the season.

Felger said it surprised him that the Red Sox were being so forthcoming about saying when Ellsbury will return. He was surprised the team, in this case manager John Farrell, was talking about when Ellsbury would be back and not Ellbury himself saying it.

"Why," Felger asked Speier, "are they being so public about him being back before the season ends?"

Speier's answer, "Because it's true."

Speier said he's talked to several sources, including some orthopedists, who say a 2-3-week timetable for this kind of injury is about right.

Tanguay and Felger said the Red Sox could get by without Ellsbury (.299, MLB-leading 52 steals, .355 OBP, .779 OPS).

Speier disagreed, "This guy's been pretty spectactular," he said, adding that Ellsbury's impact has been bigger than that of Dustin Pedroia or David Ortiz.

"There's a significant drop-off between Jacoby Ellsbury and no Jacoby Ellsbury," Speier said.