Barea: Celtics should keep Rondo


Barea: Celtics should keep Rondo

CAP CANA, Dominican Republic -- Count the Mavericks' J.J. Barea as among those who doesn't think the Celtics should trade Rajon Rondo.

"I think he is the Celtics right now," Barea, the ex-Northeastern star, said to a group of reporters that included SportsNet Central's Jessica Moran. "He controls the defensive end, he controls the offense completely. His hands have the ball all the time . . . I think . . . they need to stay with him."

Barea -- here for David Ortiz' charity golf tournament -- thinks the Celtics could win without him, though "they better trade for another good point guard like him. But it will be a lot harder without him."

And as for Barea returning to Boston to play for the Celts . . .

"I had a great four years in school there at Northeastern. You never know what could happen. But I want to go back to Dallas."

Brian Scalabrine thinks Celtics could still trade for Kevin Love


Brian Scalabrine thinks Celtics could still trade for Kevin Love

Though the Celtics spent Thursday discussing a trade with the Pacers for Paul George, Brian Scalabrine still has designs on the C’s getting Kevin Love. 

Scalabrine says he could imagine the Celtics landing Love from the Cavaliers in a three-way deal that would sent George to the Cleveland. He noted that Love won’t be as difficult to acquire as he was when Cleveland traded for him, though he said he wasn’t sure if Boston would have to include recently drafted third overall pick Jayson Tatum. 

With that said, Scalabrine intimated that the sides have the assets that a deal between the teams would make sense. 

“I’m saying, we’d all look at the deal and be like, ‘Yeah. All right,'” Scalabrine said.

Celtics engaged in talks with Pacers for Paul George

Celtics engaged in talks with Pacers for Paul George

BOSTON – Jayson Tatum was all smiles after hearing his named called by NBA commissioner Adam Silver as the number 3 pick by Boston in Thursday night’s NBA draft.

And as he made his way towards the commissioner and put on the customary Celtics hat, a bright future surely awaited him.


But is it going to be in Boston? confirmed an earlier report by Yahoo Sports! the Vertical that the Celtics were indeed engaged in trade talks with the Indiana Pacers for Paul George.

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is no stranger to taking chances that most GMs would not consider or take a pass on.

Trading for George, who informed the Pacers that he would not re-sign a long-term deal with them and would instead prefer to play for the Los Angeles Lakers when he hits free agency in the summer of 2018, is a huge risk.

While the particulars of the possible trade are still being discussed, Boston will likely have to include the number three pick – Jayson Tatum – in a deal for George.

Ainge appears willing to gamble that a season in Boston will be enough to convince George to re-sign a long-term deal in the summer of 2018 which would be a win-win in terms of bolstering their chances to compete with Cleveland for Eastern Conference supremacy, and keep him away from the Lakers.