Pagliuca: Celtics willing to pay luxury taxes if it means championship contender

Pagliuca: Celtics willing to pay luxury taxes if it means championship contender

The Celtics dealt Avery Bradley in order to sign Gordon Hayward and stay under the salary cap, but is a return to the luxury tax inevitable? 

C’s managing partner Steve Pagliuca told the Boston Herald that the team is willing to spend what it has to it means putting a championship-caliber product on the court. That means next summer could indeed see them enter luxury tax land. 

“I don’t know if it’s inevitable, but if we feel it’s going to help us win a championship, then we will,” Pagliuca told the Herald. “We have a history of doing what we need to do to win.

“But you have to be careful -- if you sign people to bad contracts, it’s going to preclude you from signing other players. But I’m very happy with how it’s gone.”

The Celtics paid luxury taxes in its recent heyday of having star players Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. 

Boston already has two players on max deals in Hayward and Al Horford. Isaiah Thomas could become a third when his contract expires after the coming season. 

The tax rates for non-repeaters, as the Celtics are given that they have not been in the luxury tax for three of the past four seasons, are as follows: 

Team salary above tax level         Tax rate

$1-$4.99 million                               $1.50

$5 million-$9.99 million                  $1.75 

$10 million-$14.99 million             $2.50

$15 million-$19.99 million             $3.25 

$20 million+                                      $3.75

(Tax rate increases 50 cents for each additional $5 million.)

Jayson Tatum likely changing to No. 0

Jayson Tatum likely changing to No. 0

The 7-11 nickname wasn't that good anyway. 

Based on a tweet from Jayson Tatum (and that trade the Celtics made), it would appear the Celtics' first-round pick will switch from No. 11 to No. 0. 

Last week's trade of Avery Bradley to the Pistons freed up No. 0, which Tatum wore in college at Duke. Though Tatum has worn No. 11 in Summer League play, the Celtics' official team store is selling No. 0 Tatum jerseys.

The team had embraced the "7-11" nickname for Jaylen Brown and Tatum, but Tatum's quote of a Brown tweet suggested that's all over. 

So there you have it. The No. 1 player in the history of the world will wear No. 0. 

Strange sight as Avery Bradley is introduced as Detroit Piston

Strange sight as Avery Bradley is introduced as Detroit Piston

It will take some getting used to of course, but Celtics fans, and the rest of the NBA, got their first look at Avery Bradley as a member of the Detroit Pistons on Thursday.

Bradley, a Celtic for the past seven years and the last link to the Big Three Era, was acquired in a trade last week that sent forward Marcus Morris to Boston. It was a quick in-and-out for his introductory Detroit press conference. With his wife expecting their third child any day, he flew in for the presser and returned home immediately after.

"I'm gonna leave everything out on the floor,” Bradley said. “We want to bring a championship back to Detroit." He also talked about bringing the “nasty” back to the Pistons.

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