Will New England ever host a Super Bowl?

Will New England ever host a Super Bowl?
January 31, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Will New England get a chance to host a Super Bowl? Gary Tanguay says it will never happen and no one in the region wants it. Is he right?

Now that the wall has been broken and a Super Bowl will finally be played in a cold weather city, many fans are asking, "When will it be New England's turn?"

This week fans are kicking field goals on Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square, but they just as easily could be walking around Patriot Place.

"In order to be able to host the Super Bowl you’d need to provide close to 30,000 rooms so you’d need close cooperation between Boston, Providence and maybe even Hartford," said Robert Kraft. "It would be interesting. The stadium could handle it."

Kraft may be ready to host a Super Bowl, but the crew on Arbella Early Edition say it's not a good idea.

"Never going to happen," said Gary Tanguay. "We’re just not ready for it and we just don’t want it. Nobody wants it."

Why not? What does New Jersey have that Foxborough doesn't?

"Generally the best Super Bowls are the ones that are held in cities that are very central," said Albert Breer. "I just don’t see logistically where it benefits the area enough. The stadium is out in the middle of nowhere."

Breer says the more likely candidates for cold-weather Super Bowls are Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.