Wilcox's speed, defense should boost Celtics

Wilcox's speed, defense should boost Celtics
November 4, 2012, 1:01 am
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Tommy Heinsohn is confident that once Chris Wilcox is 100 percent healthy he will be an asset on both sides of the floor.

Wilcox, who missed most of last season recovering from heart surgery, made a cameo appearance in the Celtics' home-opener loss to the Bucks.

Heinsohn said that not only will Wilcox's return to form help because he's a big man who can run the floor, but he also has experience with the Celtics' defense.

"He's played the Celtic defense at the center position," Heinsohn said. "He knows when to move and where to move."

Wilcox's experience could give him the edge over rookie Jared Sullinger.

"Sullinger is still playing college defense," Heinsohn said.