Wiggins on Texans: They don't scare me


Wiggins on Texans: They don't scare me

Yesterday on Felger and Mazz, and again on Sports Tonight, Mike Felger said that they only team that could give the Patriots a run for their money is the Houston Texans.

Well, former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins joined Felger and Tony Massarotti. on "Wiggy Tuesday's" and said that the Texans don't scare him.

"I don't think that Matt Schaub is the type of quarterback that's going to scare me ... I really think the Patriots, you know, now they could lose to Houston if they don't play well, but if they can kind of continue to maybe keep their defense going the way they're going, they're doing a good job in the passing game, but I just think when you look at Houston, they don't really scare you."

Check out the video for more takes from Felger and Mazz.