Why so sad, Tom Brady?


Why so sad, Tom Brady?

By Justin Aucoin

Tom Brady is a crier.

For the video-watching impaired (via Shutdown Corner):

"It was just a tough day, you know. I just remember being there with my mom and dad sorry about that they were just so supportive of me. And they take it as emotionally as I do. And finally, when the Patriots called, I was so excited I was like, 'I don't have to be an insurance salesman!'"

First off, WickedGoodSports and CSNNE.com would like to apologize to all the salesmen and saleswomen in the world. Brady doesnt mean to belittle your occupation he just really, really, really hates cold calls.

Secondly, it must be nice that a tough day in the life of Brady is getting drafted to the NFL.

For us a bad day is realizing its Monday morning, theres no coffee left in the pot, the bagels are stale, someone left a floater, and Sallie Mae is knocking at the front door. Thats a bad day, Tom.

But in fairness to Tom, we understand where hes coming from. We cried, too, when our parents took us aside and told us our lifelong dream of growing up to be a dinosaur wasnt going to happen. Then again, we were also three at the time.

You can slice and dice the psychological reasoning behind why Tom started the waterworks during his interview. We think Toms so easily brought to tears because, as a small child, he was often picked last for whoknowswhat.

Apparently, Tom also grew up with fairies.

This has to makes you wonder what infamous-crier Peyton Mannings childhood was like.

Or we dont actually.

Thanks, Internet.

Of course, when we cry we just taste salty tears with a hint of tequila; Tom tastes 24 carat diamond tears of a rapper and three Super Bowl rings. So whos the real sucker?