Why athletes hate everyone

Why athletes hate everyone
October 6, 2011, 7:45 pm
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By Jon Fucile

Media and fans alike love to complain about professional athletes not giving them enough interviews, sound bytes, information or funny, funny jokes. They refuse to try to look at things from the athletes perspective.

Picture this scenario: You just spent a long day in your cube playing Minesweeper and pretending to work while keeping a random Excel spreadsheet open on your computer desktop so you look busy. At the end of the day you get your things and head out to your car to go home.

On your way out a bunch of people are waiting for you with microphones to ask you the SAME EXACT questions theyve asked you for the past two million days. Understandably, you will likely give these folks some attitude on occasion.

That was Tom Bradys day Wednesday. Back in January, New York Jets sperm bank Antonio Cromartie took some time away from learning his childrens names to say some naughty things about Brady.

Cromartie recently confirmed he still thinks Tom is a smelly poop head. At his weekly press conference, a reporter asked Brady how he felt about the comments. Brady let the crowd know he didnt care and tried to move on.

However, reporters kept hounding Brady about Cromartie. Brady continued to say he didnt care and reporters STILL kept asking the same question and then, for some reason, were shocked and appalled when he cut his media session short.

Brady was out walking his Welker and reporters chased him down. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT CROMARTIES COMMENTS!?

Brady was at home in his bed, spooning his mistress while his wife was off pretending to be a model. Reporters snuck into his bedroom. TOM! TOM! CAN I ASK YOU ABOUT CROMARTIE!?

Brady was trying to take a shower and relax but reporters continued to hound him there. TOM! I NOTICED YOURE USING DIFFERENT SOAP! IS THAT BECAUSE CROMARTIE UPSET YOU!?

Then Brady snapped. After answering the same question 2,385,965 times and telling reporters he didnt care in every language known to man, Brady had enough.

And what is the story the next day? Is it about how annoying reporters were? Is it about how they refused to ask a different question despite Bradys clear answer? No, those details are left out. The only story is about how much of a jerk Brady is.

But maybe if you didnt ask the same silly questions over and over and OVER youd get better responses from athletes. Hopefully Brady follows them around asking how they felt about him leaving the podium early.