What in sports are you NOT thankful for?

What in sports are you NOT thankful for?
November 27, 2013, 9:15 pm
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Boston Herald columnists Ron Borges and Steve Buckley stop by "Uno Sports Tonight" on Thanksgiving eve to talk about what things in sports they are NOT so thankful for.

Borges: "Pass interference calls and the outlaw of defense in the NFL. I love the game, but even I'm almost sick of the game now. One side of the ball gets to play basketball. The other side doesn't get to play anything."

Buckley: "The arrogant, sleepy-eyed, know-nothing Boston media that doesn't realize that the UMass basketball team is nationally ranked.[The Minutemen are back in the AP Top 25, at No. 24, for the first time in 15 years. Full disclosure: Buckley is a UMass alum.] I'm sick of hearing about Syracuse and BC."

Co-host Andy Gresh chimed in with some regrets about the NCAA.

"Whenever you hear NCAA Clearinghouse, know that skullduggery is afoot," Gresh said. "A guy can't buy a can of Coke on a recruiting trip....Amateur? My ass."