What really happened to Josh Beckett?


What really happened to Josh Beckett?

By Jon Fucile

Predictably, Josh Beckett is having more bad luck in spring training. Injuries and the flu have derailed him in previous years, but this year it is the Red Sox coaches who are intent on injuring their star pitcher.

For you pink hats out there, Josh Beckett is that dreamy fellow with the dumb beard who throws the ball towards the batters and tries to strike them out. Now Sox coaches and the balls themselves have started a revolution against Beckett! Or so were told. Fear not pink hats! His face is okay.

As the story goes, during a drill about two weeks ago, Red Sox coach Terry Francona hit Beckett in the head with a ball but Beckett seemed to be okay.

Flash forward to Monday when Beckett was supposedly hit in the temple by a ball that came off the bat of assistant coach Ino Guerrero. Apparently Guerrero intended to hit the ball towards a bucket near second base but struck Beckett instead. Beckett has since been diagnosed with a mild concussion.


We made a re-enactment based on first hand reports:

Inos got ups!

But was this really an accident? There are several conspiracy theories out there. Join us as we take a look at a few.

Rumor 1: Francona Smash

There are rumors that Terry and Ino became enraged after a meeting to discuss Becketts salary vs performance last year and that angered carried into practice. Francona instructed Ino to make a statement, and the rest is history.

Hmmm. I could see why they would be upset.
Rumor 2: Bribery!

Stadium cameras at spring training recently captured a parking lot transaction between Dice-K and Francona. With Dice-K knowing hes overrated and kind of awful, perhaps he was bribing Francona to take Beckett out in order to get moved up in the rotation and have one last chance at glory!

Or he was paying him back for that dinner the other night when Dice-K forgot his wallet in his other hat.

Rumor 3: I dont make those cookies, shut up!

Beckett and Alyssa Milano were rumored to have had a fling in the past. Now there is a rumor that Beckett ran into her Monday and told her how lame her clothing line was and asked make a joke about cookies of a similar name. Then things got ugly.

Rumor is the Red Sox may have used the hit by ball story as a cover up.
Rumor 4: Stock gonna knock you out

P.J. Stock was doing a US tour of Skating with the Stars and Beckett attended one of the performances. He made a joke about baseball players being tougher than hockey players. Stock did not appreciate the jokeblatant lie.

Stock sent Beckett flying and Beckett hit his noggin. He probably deserved it.

The hit by ball scenario may seem likely, but there is probably a more sinister, and fun, story behind it all. Too bad well never know.

Blidh plans to bring some energy to Bruins after call-up

Blidh plans to bring some energy to Bruins after call-up

BRIGHTON, Mass. – Anton Blidh plans on keeping things pretty straightforward on his first call-up to the NHL. 

The former sixth-round pick of the Bruins has earned his stripes at the AHL level with Providence over the last couple of seasons, and comes to Boston as a gritty, energy forward capable of stirring things up in otherwise sleepy games. There’s also a bit of offensive upside for a fourth line-type player with five goals and nine points with 22 penalty minutes and a plus-eight rating in 19 games for the P-Bruins this season. 

It remains to be seen if the Blidh call-up means that the Bruins intend to scratch a player or that somebody is questionable for Saturday afternoon’s game in Buffalo, but Patrice Bergeron did miss Friday’s practice without any real defined reason for his absence. The 21-year-old Swede said he plans to play to his strengths if he gets into the lineup for the Black and Gold, and that could mean getting under the skin of his Sabres opponents. 

“It’s my first time called up, so I’m happy,” said Blidh, who was asked what he'll bring if he gets into the lineup. “I’ll just play simple and play my own game: be hard on the puck and play with some energy. I worked hard [in Providence] and then I got some confidence. I’m not a goal-scorer, but I scored a couple of goals and got some confidence.”

Claude Julien hasn’t been able to catch up Blidh’s work since the season got started, but was pleased by the youngster’s progress in training camp, where he earned notice for his feisty, physical play on a line with Noel Acciari. 

“They said he’s playing well, so they brought him up. We’ll get to see him, hopefully tomorrow,” said Julien. “I didn’t hear a ton of fine details aside from him being a guy that was certainly playing with a lot of energy. I didn’t mind him in training camp either. He works really hard and competes hard, and we could use that.”

That would certainly be the case after watching the Bruins go through the motions for long stretches Thursday night against Carolina before essentially stealing a game that they didn’t deserve to win. 

Kings Insider James Ham: "DeMarcus Cousins loves Sacramento; more likely to sign contract extension than get traded"

Kings Insider James Ham: "DeMarcus Cousins loves Sacramento; more likely to sign contract extension than get traded"

CSNCalifornia.com Kings Insider James Ham joined Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely on this week's Celtics Talk podcast to talk about DeMarcus Cousins and the never ending trade rumors.