Welcome to Gillette for a Patriots-Texans Divisional Playoff!

Welcome to Gillette for a Patriots-Texans Divisional Playoff!
January 13, 2013, 7:31 pm
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FOXBORO -- Funny thing about New England? It's 50 degrees on this January Sunday and somehow that's not weird. Locals are used to unseasonal temperatures. Dress in layers, right?
The Texans appear to enjoy today's high.

Houston players, warming up early before the 4:30 PM divisional playoff, look comfortable running around in shorts or cutoff shirts. About a dozen Texans are reacquainting themselves with the Gillette Stadium field turf. Five weeks have passed since the Patriots defeated Houston, 42-14, in Foxboro.
If the Texans need a little luck to win this time around, at least the weather is on their side. Humidity is at 77-percent and rising. Wind shouldn't be much of an issue as it's expected to stay around nine miles-per-hour.
It's a low-key scene in general here at Gillette. The only things, two hours before kickoff, that say we're in the postseason (literally) are the official NFL "DIVISIONAL" logos that are both painted on the field and adorning the stadium sidewalls.
The calm before the storm.
Today's victor will host the Baltimore Ravens next weekend.