We don't make those jokes, Jeff Green


We don't make those jokes, Jeff Green

By Adam Hart

Jeff Green got lost driving around Boston the other day, an anecdote funny in itself.

"Oh, the new guy couldn't figure out The Big Dig. Ha. Ha."

Why no one warned him to stop there is anyone's guess. But it's too late now. He already crossed the line.

"Connecticut, yeah, they wouldn't have handled improvising with a GPS," Green, who played for Big East rival Georgetown, joked Friday night.

This isn't even about being teammates with UConn star Ray Allen. No, this is about angering the boss of Wicked Good Sports. As I understand it, she has two rules:

1) Those who don't make fun of UConn are OK.

2) Everyone else pays the price.

I'll probably be sanctioned for posting that video. And for totally creating those rules out of thin air. I'm expecting more sanctions than . . . nevermind.