Walk thru

Walk thru
July 31, 2012, 1:48 pm
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By Tom E. Curran

Rob Ryan says he didn't appreciate how big the media contingent was in Dallas so he's going to stay quiet for now so as to not let things get blown out of proportion. Rob. If you were in Jacksonville and said you had the most talent in the league and then fell face first into mediocrity, people would have made a big deal of it. Per usual, Rob was quick to point out he wasn't scared. The Ryans are never scared, although the fact they need to remind everyone of that all the time leads me to believe they are terrified of something. My guess is it's failure. And living up to their father's legacy. And that concludes today's Ryan psychoanalysis.

Two good practices and Ryan Tannehill is better than Chad Pennington down in Miami.

The holiday season was a painful time for young Frostee Rucker of the Bengals.

Talking about "the cooler" the spot quarterbacks send wideouts when quarterbacks feel they can no longer trust them.

Giants corner Terrell Thomas is down once again.