Wakeup Call: Olympian's husband 'not supportive' of her Vegas escort job


Wakeup Call: Olympian's husband 'not supportive' of her Vegas escort job

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Friday, December 21:

The Mets have reached out to Francisco Liriano and Carl Pavano, "among many others," as potential replacements for R.A. Dickey. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Continuing the theme of pursuing once-good players whose careers were derailed by injuries, the Amazins' are also said to be "very interested" in Grady Sizemore. (Hardball Talk)

A.J. Pierzynski's departure to Texas means the White Sox now have only one player -- Paul Konerko -- left from their 2005 World Series champions. (CSN Chicago)

Dan Duquette's alive, Orioles Nation! And he's apparently attempting to trade for Rick Porcello. (Hardball Talk)

Another ex-Red Sox GM was busy yesterday, too: Theo reached agreement on a four-year, 52 million contract with Edwin Jackson and sent a message at the same time. (CSN Chicago)

Hey, the Marlins actually signed someone! (AP)

The rich get richer: Duke lands prized high school prospect Jabari Parker. (CSN Chicago)

No. 2 Michigan is off to its best start since 1985-86. (AP)

Little did St. John's know on Feb. 26, 2000 that it would be the last team -- to date -- to beat Duke in a non-conference game at Cameron. The Blue Devils' winning streak in such games reached 100 last night with a 76-54 beating of Elon. (AP)

According to an Associated Press special report, college football's weak testing system for steroids opens the door for potential abuse. (AP)

BYU wins the Poinsettia Bowl. Extra credit if you knew that a) they beat San Diego State, b) the game was in San Diego, and c) turnovers were the key. (AP)

C.J. Mosley is returning to Alabama next year. (AP)

According to Chip Kelly, Oregon "cooperated fully" with NCAA investigators during its probe of the Ducks' football program. (AP)

Matt Wells has been promoted to head coach at Utah State, replacing Gary Andersen, who went to Wisconsin to replace Bret Bielema, who went to Arkansas to replace John L. Smith. Got all that? (AP)

LSU punter Brad Wing broke some team rules, so he's going to have to sit out the Chick-fil-A Bowl. (AP)

Penn State is turning to the JUCO ranks to replenish its thin quarterbacking corps. (AP)

Minnesota State coach Todd Hoffner was cleared of child-porn charges in court, and now he's fighting a 20-day unpaid suspension that begins Jan. 7. (AP)

Ex-Bruin Hal Gill makes the inevitable comparison of the Mayans' end-of-the-world prediction to the NHL lockout. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

If you're having trouble mustering sympathy for the billionaire owners and millionaire players in this lockout, here are some folks who deserve your compassion. (AP)

Just when you think you've heard everything: Three-time Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton admits she's been working as a 600-an-hour Vegas escort for the last year. Surprisingly, her husband "wasn't supportive of this at all". (NBC's Olympics Talk)

See, in the old days something like Mark Cuban passing a kidney stone would have happened in private. (NBC's Off The Bench)

Meanwhile, one of his players -- Derek Fisher -- is suffering from a mundane knee strain that's going to sideline him for at least three games. (AP)

Every so often, the Heat demonstrate why they're going to be difficult to dethrone. Like last night. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

One of their prime challengers had a 12-game winning streak snapped last night. (AP)

Now it's Mike D'Antoni's system getting blamed for the Lakers' woes. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Sixers are in for a dime, in for a dollar with Andrew Bynum. Like it or not. (CSN Philly)

Not the Timberwolves with Josh Howard, though. (AP)

Looks like there'll be an RGIII sighting Sunday in Philadelphia. (CSN Washington)

But we apparently won't be seeing Justin Smith in San Francisco. (CSN Bay Area)

David Akers re-Tweets a death threat he received, then deletes his Twitter account. The threatener, @RIP_FreeLaddin, subsequently a) said he loves Akers, b) laughed that he was just "playing", c) found amusing the notion that Akers would delete the account because of him, and d) claimed he was hacked and insisted he didn't do it. And you thought Mark Cuban's kidney stone was bad . . . (CSN Bay Area)

Good luck, Jets, trying to trade Tim Tebow. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Bernard Pollard says the Ravens have "been exposed" during their recent slump. (Pro Football Talk)

Got a snow shovel? If so, the Packers need you. (AP)

And this is it from us until after the holiday! Merry Christmas, everyone, and we'll see you back here next Wednesday.

Curran: Roger The Dodger continues his evasive maneuvers


Curran: Roger The Dodger continues his evasive maneuvers

Roger Goodell is doing that damn thing again down in North Carolina this afternoon.

The NFL commissioner -- who once could carry off a press conference with a breezy, in-command air -- came off like a carrot-topped armadillo talking to reporters at the end of the May owner’s meetings in Charlotte.

Defensive, clipped and disingenuous, a monotone-speaking Goodell was asked about Deflategate and Monday’s Congressional report that alleged the NFL had lobbyists trying to pressure concussion researchers into using NFL-approved doctors.

Asked about the appeal for a rehearing of Tom Brady’s case on Monday, Goodell said, “I respect the NFLPA’s ability to appeal if they choose to do that . . . I’m not really focused on that at all.”

Goodell did not answer the second part of the question, whether or not he’d keep Tom Brady off the field if the court case was unresolved.

The answer, one can only presume would be, “Abso-friggin-lutely.”

As for the Congressional report, Goodell had the gall to answer that he “didn’t see the report.”

He then went on to disagree with what was in the report -- meaning his initial response was less than candid.

A few more minutes of short answers and the show was over with nobody much the wiser than when he began. 

Kraft on Deflategate: 'The whole thing has been mishandled'


Kraft on Deflategate: 'The whole thing has been mishandled'

At the NFL's brief annual spring meeting, which typically lasts about 24 hours, Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft provided some equally brief remarks about his quarterback. 

Asked for some comment on Tom Brady's legal situation, Kraft told NFL Media's Judy Battista a version of what he has been saying for the last few months as it relates to Deflategate.

"We've been behind him," Kraft said, "and the whole thing has been mishandled, in my opinion. It's unfortunate, and we hope he prevails."

The NFLPA and Brady's legal team filed a petition to the Second Circuit on Monday requesting that he be granted a rehearing. The Second Circuit reinstated Brady's four-game suspension upon appeal earlier this offseason. 

More to come . . .