Villanueva, Voodoo and Kevin Garnett


Villanueva, Voodoo and Kevin Garnett

By Adam Hart

Sometimes Wicked Good Sports likes to flex its investigative journalism muscle; it's the one that makes your thumb bend. Accordingly, investigative journalists are great thumb warriors. But that's neither here nor there.Don't worry, this isn't one of those boring investigative reports about poisoned meat at your local supermarket or those wolves roaming the Midwest, eating small children for dinner. WGS focuses on the important stories, like the Voodoo curse put on Kevin Garnett.Hot off the digital presses:

AUBURN HILLS -- A member of the Detroit Pistons will soon be taken into custody for questioning in the injuring of an opposing NBA player, WGS has exclusively learned.

Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva is expected to cooperate with law enforcement officials in the investigation into the use of Voodoo to harm another, according to two sources who provided this information on the condition of anonymity because they're not real people.

Villanueva initially became a person of interest in the case when he refused to say he respects Kevin Garnett.

During Wednesday night's rematch, Garnett came up limping after a first-half dunk. The injury appeared similar to one suffered in the 2008-09 season, but sources confirmed dark forces were afoot.

"It's one thing to call someone a 'cancer patient' on the court, but to call him a nobody? Well, do nobodies use voodoo dolls to inflict pain on another during a professional basketball game? Not in the America I love," said one source. "And Charlie Villanueva wanted to prove, once-and-for-all, he's not a nobody."

As this is all circumstantial evidence, WGS has also learned officials believe the entire case rests solely on the accuracy of an anonymous note. Detectives were expected to search Villanueva's locker at The Palace at Auburn Hills for voodoo dolls or remnants of such.

A copy of the note has been obtained by WGS and will be shared publicly for the first time: The UConn product earlier this season accused Garnett of calling him a "cancer patient." Since that time, Garnett has refused to discuss the prior trash talk case, in the process calling Villanueva a "nobody."

If enough evidence is gathered, which will surely be the case after thoroughly inspecting the authenticity of this unbiased note, charges may be brought. Villanueva would face a maximum sentence of 24 hours ridicule on sports radio stations across the country, if prosecuted.

Villanueva could not be reached for comment, mainly because WGS didn't try contacting him.

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