Urbina released from prison after serving seven years


Urbina released from prison after serving seven years

Former Red Sox relief pitcher Ugueth Urbina has been released from a Venezuelan prison after serving seven years of a 14-year sentence on attempted murder charges.

Urbina, 38, was involved in an incident on his Venezuelan property in 2005 in which he assaulted five workers. He was convicted in 2007.

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The righty compiled 237 saves over 11 seasons in the majors. He saved 40 games for the Red Sox in 2002 and was named an American League All-Star. He also made an All-Star appearance with the Expos in 1998.

Urbina bounced around during his career that spanned from 1995-2005, playing for the Rangers, Marlins, Tigers and Phillies as well. In 11 seasons, Urbina went 44-49 with a 3.45 ERA.

Belichick: Patriots play to win in preseason...kind of


Belichick: Patriots play to win in preseason...kind of

When you check out the Patriots-Panthers game notes on Patriots.com, the lead bullet point is one of the least interesting: "The New England Patriots are off to a 3-0 start in the preseason for the sixth time in team history . . . and for the second time under Bill Belichick."

Belichick and the Patriots went undefeated in preseason play back in 2003. One of the best teams in Patriots history, that group went on to win the franchise's second Super Bowl in three years. 

It's the preseason, though, so who cares about wins and losses? Well, Belichick does. During a conference call on Saturday he was asked if it was a big deal for him and his team to be winning these preseason games, and he responded by explaining his approach to exhibition football.

"I think what we tell our players and coaches is that we’re going to coach and play to win," he said. "We’re obviously not going to pull out all the stops in terms of every trick play we’ve ever used or things like that, but whatever the situation calls for, we’re going to play it as competitively as we can play it given the limitations that we have and based on the amount of experience our players have in the game at that certain point and what we’ve been able to cover."

It makes sense. Obviously teams don't want to reveal any surprise sets they may have saved for the regular season. And coaches aren't going to get exotic with their defensive calls or their offensive formations at this time of year. What basic plays they do run, however, they would like to execute successfully.

"We haven’t covered every single thing that we would want to cover or hope to cover to start the season, especially situational football, but as far as competing and playing, we’re doing everything we can to win," Belichick added. "But within the context of doing what we’re capable of doing right now. We’re trying to win, we’re trying to do everything as well as we can do it, but not pulling out all the stops in terms of playing time, strategizing and so forth that we would do in the regular season."