Unlike Boldin, no predictions from Patriots

Unlike Boldin, no predictions from Patriots
January 17, 2013, 3:19 pm
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FOXBORO -- With Anquan Boldin's prediction that the Baltimore Ravens will win on Sunday, a few Patriots were asked to react.
But as the Patriot Way goes, they didn't join in on the fun.
"The difference between this years AFC Championship and last years AFC Championship is that they are different teams," said Patriots center Ryan Wendell on Wednesday. "Weve got new players and some of the same players that were in that game. Theyve got new players and some of the same players as well. Nothing matters that happened in the regular season. Nothing matters that happened last week. Were two good teams that are going to square off in this game. All that really matters is who goes out and performs."
When asked why the Patriots always hold back from giving anybody the type of bulletin board material that perhaps Boldin has now given the Patriots, Wendell was pretty honest. "I just think that guys on our team are just really focused on their job and the opponent across from us," he said. "I think that takes up enough time."
Fellow Patriots offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer also chimed in.
"I guess it is just the way we do things," said Vollmer. "We will see on Sunday what happens. I dont think we take too much into consideration from what happened last year. It was a different team for both of us. I think both teams deserve to be in that game on Sunday and we will see what happens."
But one thing you won't see, is a prediction from the Patriots locker room.