Ty Law defends Tom Brady


Ty Law defends Tom Brady

It's easy to point the finger at the QB when the team wins, and just as easy to do so when the team loses.

Lot of people will do that for Patriots QB Tom Brady, but Ty Law says not so fast.

"Tom Brady needs some help," Law said. "You can't put everything on Tom Brady all the time. He set the bar so high that we all have expectations out of him, but you have to give him help.

"I think they needs another receiver on the outside that can stretch the field. You gotta have your great players like Wes Welker in times like this catch those balls, because Tom put it where it can be caught. It does help when you have a Rob Gronkjowski to be out on the field to help you, especially in the red zone. So, you need help. You can't fumble the ball. Stevan Ridley, I'm glad he's OK, but he took a hit and gave the ball away again. So it's not always about Tom Brady."

Troy Brown says it's all about Gronkowski. "I think he's the one player that has probably cost them two Super Bowls, not having him on the field."

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