Troy Brown: Patriots Midterm Exam


Troy Brown: Patriots Midterm Exam

Troy Brown checked in on Uno Sports Tonight to take stock of the Patriots now that they're at the midway point of the season.

First, the offense.

The numbers are great -- the Pats are averaging a league-best 441 yards per game and 32.8 points per game. But is the offense as good as the numbers say?

"Yeah they can move the ball, yes they can be productive," Brown said. "We haven't seen them against the very best competition in the NFL, but do they perform very well when the game is on the line? So far those stats say they are not the best in the NFL."

So there's some work to do there. OK. What about the defense. We know the numbers there aren't as great. They're allowing 370 yards per game (23rd in the league) and 21.3 points per game (t-12th).

Troy had some words of advice for the secondary in order to try to bump those up a little bit.

"They play a lot of different coverages, but the thing I dont like about the way the Patriots do it is they're just too passive," he said. "They let guys off the line free, they're not physical, they're not aggressive."

Tell us how you really feel, Troy! (Actually . . . he does. Just watch the video at the top of the screen to hear the rest.)