Tom E. Curran: Kill all hope early


Tom E. Curran: Kill all hope early

The Patriots prepare to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, and Tom E. Curran checks in with the keys to a New England victory.

First on the list - The Patriots have to be tough in the red zone. Jacksonville has a number of weapons who can hurt the Pats on a short field. Cecil Shorts is a dangerous receiver and the Patriots should know where he is at all times. When in the red zone, the Pats must force the Jags to walk away with three points instead of seven.

Second, the Patriots need to keep Tom Brady upright. The Jacksonville pass rush will be aggressive and they have nothing to lose. The Jags are a 2-win team with an opportunity to make a statement against a premier opponent. Don't give them that chance, and don't let your franchise QB hit the dirt against a lower-tier opponent.

Finally, the Patriots must kill all hope early. The last thing the Pats need, is a Jacksonville team that has a chance to win it late in the game. The Jags have a number of players auditioning for spots on the 2013 roster so they'll be playing hard and looking to impress. The Patriots need to make sure the game is sealed early.

If the Patriots can do those three things, they should leave Florida with a win.