In their own words: Celtics and Nets react to fight


In their own words: Celtics and Nets react to fight

BOSTON -- The Boston Celtics and New Jersey Nets reacted to Wednesday night's altercation in which Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries, and Gerald Wallace were ejected in the second quarter. See what players from both sides had to say following the Nets 95-83 win.

Courtney Lee: "That shows signs of us being together. It was a negative situation that definitely our team, I know KG and I know Rondo, didnt want to be a part of, but it happened in the moment. Thats the leader of our team, so I feel that he did the right thing. Im sure there will be consequences from it but it just shows us being together."

Jeff Green: "It's not us. That's about it."

Andray Blatche: "Thats what family and brotherhood is all about. That was probably the biggest thing Ive seen so far. We all had each others backs out there on that court. Im not surprised at all. When that happened, I saw Rondo going at Humph. I knew everybody was about to have his back.

Jason Collins: "It happens. I've seen it lots of times over the course of my career. That's part of the game. Rajon was going in there and sticking up for his teammate like any good leader would do."

Joe Johnson: "Just protect yourself at all times. We were in a situation where we had our brother out there battling and he had to protect himself. From that aspect like I said its pretty understandable. Were not a team thats gonna be pushed around or back down from anybody. I was proud of our guys tonight and the way we fought.

Jason Terry: "Being a veteran, I want to first protect my teammates and make sure no one was injured. After that, whatever happens happens. I'm more of a peacemaker at this point in my career. If this was five years ago, I might have thrown the first punch (laughs). I've got to watch myself now but at the same time I definitely want to protect my teammates first."

Jerry Stackhouse: "That team has a lot of pride. I think that's why emotions got kind of high there for a minute. We could have gone the other way in the second half when something like that happens. It can inspire a team and we could have had some letdowns. But we came out and withstood a little mini-run they had at the start of the third, and then got some separation again."