Is Sunday a must-win for Patriots?


Is Sunday a must-win for Patriots?

Greg Bedard joins Sports Tonight to break down the battle for first place in the AFC East.

Both the Patriots and Jets come in with 3-3 records, and someone is going home under .500, and a game back in a very close Eastern division.

"This is normally a spot where they deliver," said Bedard.

Typically, when the media and fans are putting down the Patriots, Bill Belichick finds a way to turn it into motivation. After their loss in Seattle, Belichick has had plenty to work with.

And they're facing a Jets team diminished by injury, which could hint at a big offensive day for the Patriots. At least that's what Lou Merloni thinks. "I think the Pats can do whatever they want."

Bedard predicts the absence of Revis will force Rex Ryan to bring an aggressive game plan, saying "I expect Ryan to do some different things in this game."

Nothing is ever dull when the Jets come to town, and Sunday proves to be no different. And even though it's still relatively early in the season, a division game at home against New York is one the Patriots can't let slip away.