Suggs: Patriots are 'most arrogant bleeps in the world'


Suggs: Patriots are 'most arrogant bleeps in the world'

FOXBORO -- Terrell Suggs made his voice heard after Sunday's AFC Championship win at Gillette Stadium.

He was noticeably the loudest Ravens player in the post game locker-room scene. And it didn't even start in the locker room.

"We shut them out on the second half," yelled Suggs as he walked down the tunnel towards the locker room door. "Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl! We shut them out in the second half! Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl! Arrogant bleepers!"

Suggs walked up and down the locker room harping on the fact that Patriots players would be the ones playing in the Pro Bowl, now that the Ravens are on their way to Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans.

"Tell them to have a Mai Tai on me," added Suggs.

Suggs also continued to back-up his "arrogant" remarks.

"These are the most arrogant bleeps in the world, starting with coach Bill Belichick on down," he said to CSN Baltimore cameras

He later added: "That's funny, ever since Spygate they haven't been able to win."

As Suggs continued to chirp the Patriots, he began to backpedal on the arrogance comments.

They have the right to be," said Suggs. "You have three titles and six appearances, with 12 Tom Brady under center, they have the right to be. We respect them. That's it. Even enemies can show respect.

Suggs' loud -- and seemingly never ending -- rant also included a dedication to the late Art Modell. But for the most part, it had to do with his respect-filled hatred for the Patriots.

"You've got to play perfect to beat them," said Suggs. "And we played perfect, I mean, a second-half shutout. That's pretty good.

Any other team with this win would have been unjustified," Suggs later added. "Especially how the game last year ended, and who 12 Tom Brady is, and who their head coach is, and who their owner is. Between these two teams, you wont get another battle like this between two AFC opponents. We have the utmost respect for them.