The Steph Curry Show

The Steph Curry Show
February 28, 2013, 11:30 am
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Special is always a little more special at Madison Square Garden. I don’t know if it’s the bright lights, the historic hardwood, the sound of Spike Lee’s voice or the stench of 19,000 New Yorkers stuck under the same roof, but there’s just something about MSG that transcends anything else in sports.
At the very least, there’s no arena in the league more capable of creating NBA legend.
If you watched last night's Knicks/Warriors game — entirely possible considering the Celtics weren’t playing, the Bruins weren’t playing and spring training baseball is, ehhh, not so fresh — you know exactly what I’m talking about:
Steph Curry
54 points.
18-28 from the field.
7-7 on free throws.
7 assists.
6 rebounds
3 steals.
Of course, the Warriors lost in overtime, and that’s too bad — but that’s for Golden State fans to worry about. Around the rest of the NBA, all that matters is another classic MSG memory: Steph Curry at the Garden.
Combined with his 38-point effort on Tuesday night in Indiana, Curry’s on a somewhat unbelievable hot streak. In his last two games, he’s 28-48 (.667) from the field and a ridiculous 18-23 (.783) from the three-point land. He’s also 10-11 from the foul line but that’s nothing new. Either way, at this moment, Steph Curry is not of this Earth.
He’s not to be messed with.
And as luck would have . . . he’s coming to Boston!
Tomorrow night will be Curry’s third career game at the Garden and he’s been less than stellar in the previous two — averaging only 11 points a night on 8-21 shooting (2-8 from three) — and back then, he didn’t have to worry about being relentlessly molested by Avery Bradley for 40 minutes.
Still . . .
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It should be fun.

Maybe not as fun as Steph's night at MSG, but then again . . . I'm not sure what is.