Source: Report NHL lockout nearing end 'interesting, but not true'


Source: Report NHL lockout nearing end 'interesting, but not true'

From the everybody hopes that its true department:
WBZ sports anchor Steve Burton, seemingly out of left field, reported on Monday that a new CBA could be announced by the NHL as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday. According to Burton, owners and players have made great progress behind closed doors and it looks like the season will be salvaged, according to the @WBZsports twitter account. Burton also went with the report on the 6 p.m. telecast on WBZ-TV. checked in with a source and was told Burtons report was interesting, but not true. The source said it was the first they had heard of anything remotely close to that.
Similarly, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told Sports Illustrated's Sarah Kwak that "not a single morsel" of the report was true.
But one interesting note about Burton: While hes not normally around the Bruins all that much during the season, he was the reporter who roke the news about Phil Kessel being diagnosed with testicular cancer during the 2006-07 season. So there is a small track record there for his having some unique insight into news breaking out of the Bruins camp. And keep in mind that WBZ's FM radio outlet, 98.5 The Sports Hub, is the Bruins' broadcast partner.

A group of players and six NHL owners are set to sit down for a meeting in New York City on Tuesday afternoon. Both NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr are stepping away from the bargaining table on Tuesday, and the hope is that some new blood can spark something.
NHL ownership from Boston, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg and Toronto will be attending Tuesdays meeting, and reports indicate both Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews will be among the player representatives.

Every indication has been that the NHLPA is pursuing options for decertification and the NHL Board of Governors is set to schedule some kind of cancel date on the entire season during a scheduled Dec. 5 meeting. So news of an imminent deal is nothing short of shocking in all hockey circles.

Belichick: Buddy Ryan a father to 'a great football family'


Belichick: Buddy Ryan a father to 'a great football family'

Bill Belichick released a statement on Buddy Ryan's passing Tuesday afternoon. 

"Today is a sad day in football due to the passing of Buddy Ryan," Belichick said. "It was always very challenging to compete against Coach Ryan, who was father to a great football family that carries on his coaching and defensive tradition. My condolences are with the Ryan Family."

Belichick is certainly very familiar with Ryan's legacy and the tradition Ryan passed down to his sons Rex and Rob. The Patriots coach has competed against all three.

Rex Ryan has squared off with Belichick during his time as head coach for the Jets (2009-14) and Bills (2015-present), and their matchups go back to Rex's days with the Ravens (1999-2008) when he was a defensive line coach and then defensive coordinator.

Rob Ryan, like his brother, got his first NFL break when his father was the head coach of the Cardinals in the mid-1990s. His second break, though, came from Belichick. He joined the Patriots staff during Belichick's first year as head coach in 2000 and coached linebackers for four seasons in New England. He has since competed against Belichick as a defensive coordinator for the Raiders, Browns, Cowboys and Saints. Rob joined Rex in Buffalo this year to serve as an assistant on the staff there. 

For Belichick's thoughts on the impact of Buddy Ryan's famous "46" defense, we dug up some of his comments from a 2012 press conference that you can find here. He called the combination of Ryan's scheme and the talented players Ryan had at his disposal as defensive coordinator of the 1985 Super Bowl champion Bears "pretty unblockable."