'Sorry, Mama Mayo'


'Sorry, Mama Mayo'

International travel. Tom E. Curran's hair. Fantasy football. And an apology to -- this week -- Mama Mayo after a verbal Curran shot at Jerod Mayo that was as hard as anything Mayo's ever delivered at Gillette Stadium.

All that and more this week's during Tom E. CurranJerod Mayo conversation on 'Quick Slants'.

Curran: "You're in NEW England; but now you're going to . . . "

Mayo and Curran together: "OLD England."

Mayo (to the camera): "How did I know he was going to say that? 'Cause Curran's a corny guy. I knew it. I said it before he said it."

(A bit later)
Mayo: "Are you going to London this year?"

Curran: "Yeah, I'm going to be there."

Mayo: "Oh, nice!"

Curran: "How could you have the game without me?"

(And even later)

Curran: "Do you want to get together for a spot of tea when we get over to . . . "

Mayo: "We CAN get together for a spot of tea."

Curran (to the camera): "He's such a liar. He won't see me."

Mayo (in a British accent): "A spot of tea."

Mayo: "Let's bring up your hair first and let's do a progress report . . ." (Curran dips his head to show his hairline.) "Still growing . . . "

Curran: "All right, injury report. How's the arm?"

Mayo: "No injury reports here."

Curran: "See? Hair report; no injury report."

(Later, when discussing the Patriots' defense)

Mayo: "Guys are hungry to learn. Guys are hungry to get better. And we have a young defense. Keep that in mind. It's week, what? Week Seven? Eight? So we still have a lot work to do. We're nowhere near a complete project.

"So save your fingernails; save your hair -- especially" points at Curran "-- and just continue to watch."

Curran: "Steven Jackson has always been one of my favorite backs, and" to Mayo "you're always curious who I really enjoy, I know that."

Mayo: "He must be on your fantasy team."

Curran: "He's not, actually. I have Michael Turner. He's playing great. I did have Danny Amendola, though. It's a great signing by me."

Mayo: No response.

Curran (after a pause): "Back to Steven Jackson: He's huge."

Mayo: "What place are you in in your fantasy league? You picked up Danny Amendola, I know he has a lot of catches . . . "

Curran attempts to interrupt, but Mayo keeps going.

Mayo: "I understand. He's not playing right now."

Curran: "You knew that."

Mayo: "Obviously. You think I just sit at home and not watch film?"

Curran: "Looks that way on Sunday."

(Curran, pleased with the blow he landed, lets loose with an "Ohhh!")

Mayo: "That hurt. That really hurt."

Curran: "That was rough. But did you see what you said about my sweater last week?"

Mayo: "I did. Sorry, Mama Curran."

Curran: "Sorry, Mama Mayo."

Draw with Earthquakes extends Revolution's winless streak


Draw with Earthquakes extends Revolution's winless streak

SAN JOSE, Calif. - David Bingham had his sixth shutout of the season and the San Jose Earthquakes tied New England 0-0 on Wednesday night, extending the Revolution's winless streak to five games.

Bingham, who was tied for second in MLS soccer with 12 shutouts last season, had three saves - including a stop on Diego Fagundez's shot in the 86th minute.

The Revolution haven't scored since a 3-1 victory over Chicago on Aug. 9, a stretch of more than 270 minutes.

New England (6-11-8) had beaten San Jose three straight times.

San Jose (7-7-10) has just one loss in its last seven matches. 

Quotes, notes and stars: Ortiz the oldest to hit 30 home runs in a season


Quotes, notes and stars: Ortiz the oldest to hit 30 home runs in a season

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Quotes, notes and stars from the Red Sox' 4-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays:


"It's one of those freak things. You don't plan on it happening, but it's one of those things. So we'll just see what the results say and move on from there.'' - Andrew Benintendi on his knee injury.

"That's kind of a routine 3-1 play. Unfortunately, it comes at a time when you've got two outs and a guy on the move. But that's a routine play.'' - John Farrell on the deciding play in which Heath Hembree couldn't hold onto the ball at first.

"I felt good. I felt strong.I felt good out there the whole game.'' - Rick Porcello, asked how he felt going back out for the eighth inning.

"I think everybody in the ballpark knew that that ball was leaving.'' - Porcello, on the hanging curveball to Evan Longoria.



* The loss snapped a five-game winning streak against the Rays for the Red Sox.

* Three of the four Red Sox walk-off losses this season have occurred because of errors.

* The homer by Evan Longoria was his first off Rick Porcello in 40 career at-bats.

* Rick Porcello has now pitched seven innings or more in six straight starts, the longest run for a Red Sox starter since John Lackey did it in 2013.

* David Ortiz is now the oldest player to ever hit 30 homers in a season

* Ortiz has now reached the 30-homer, 100-RBI level 10 times with the Red Sox, including the last four years in a row.

* The loss was the first of Heath Hembree's career, in his 67th major league appearance.

* Dustin Pedroia tied a career high with two stolen bases, the 12th time he's swiped two bases in the same game.



1) Evan Longoria

The Rays were down to their final five outs when Longoria struck, hitting a game-tying homer off Rick Porcello.

2) Brad Miller

Miller's two-run double in the third enabled the Rays to stay close until Longoria's homer tied things up five innings later.

3) Rick Porcello

Porcello gave the Sox length and was brilliant in getting out of some early jams before settling in through the middle innings.