Some little-known facts about the newest Red Sox shortstop

Some little-known facts about the newest Red Sox shortstop
December 26, 2012, 7:45 pm
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The Red Sox made another long-since-reported roster move official on Wednesday, announcing the signing of Stephen Drew to a one-year contract.

The news originally broke more than a week ago, so there's not a whole lot to add to the conversation. But here are two things you probably didn't know:

People attempting to put some distance between Stephen and his much reviled (in some corners) brother J.D. aren't going to be happy to hear that Stephen will wear the same No. 7 that J.D. wore during his time here from 2007-11.

The Drews are now the 11th set of brothers to play for the Red Sox. Don't bother trying to guess the other 10; odds are that, once you get past the Conigliaros, the Martinezes and maybe the Barretts (and, if you're in your 70s, the Farrells), you'll never get the others:

Marty and Tom Barrett
Cleo and Roy Carlyle
Billy and Tony Conigliaro
Rick and Wes Ferrell
Alex and Milt Gaston
Joe and Johnnie Heving
Ed and Tom Hughes
Bob and Roy Johnson
Pedro and Ramon Martinez
Bob and Ed Sadowski