Should Patriots rest or go for the (improbable) bye?


Should Patriots rest or go for the (improbable) bye?

The Patriots' chances at getting a bye are pretty slim. They need a loss from either the Texans or the Broncos, and neither looks good.

The Colts can't improve their standing in the playoffs even if they beat Houston, whereas Gary Kubiak's bunch would stand to potentially lose their bye week with a loss. One team with very little to play for, another with a lot to play for . . . would be surprising to see the former beat the latter.

If the Texans win, then New England's chances for a bye depend on the Chiefs beating the Broncos. So . . . yeah. Cue the laugh track.

Meanwhile the Patriots have plenty of banged-up starters who could benefit from some rest this weekend: Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard, Rob Gronkowski, Sebastian Vollmer and Aaron Hernandez to name a few. That leads us to our Uno's Sports Tonight Question of the Day:

Should the Patriots go for the bye, or rest their starters?

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