Shaughnessy responds to Arian Foster's Twitter avatar

Shaughnessy responds to Arian Foster's Twitter avatar
January 8, 2013, 1:25 am
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Dan Shaughnessy isn't giving the Houston Texans a chance next Sunday.

In his latest column for the Boston Globe, he wrote that the Patriots wouldn't have much of a problem beating up on the Texans as they did the last time the two sides met.

Well, Arian Foster - the Texans star running back - saw the article. How do we know? He made it his Twitter avatar (picture).

That prompted a firestorm of speculation as to whether Shaughnessy was right in writing what he did, or if players like Foster on the Texans just can't stand the the heat.

Shaughnessy joined Lou Merloni on Sports Tonight to discuss the situation.

"This is indicative of the problems that they have there in Houston," Shaughnessy said. "If you wrote something about the Giants or the Jets, no player would respond to something that was in the Boston Globe. So yeah, it's a little bit alarming. It's a litle piece of evidence that those guys are in trouble. I hope I'm wrong, I want a close game. I want some competition."

Check out the video for much more.