Seidenberg rested and ready after overdue return to Germany


Seidenberg rested and ready after overdue return to Germany

The closest Dennis Seidenberg had ever come to playing with his brother, Yannick, previously was when the younger Seidenberg sibling traveled to Boston for the Stanley Cup Finals against the Canucks.

It was a great couple of weeks for us, obviously, said Seidenberg, who arrived in Boston from Europe on Monday. He felt like he had won the Cup by the end of it.

But the two Seidenberg brothers finally got their wish to play together when older brother Dennis signed on to play with the Mannheim Eagles in Germany during the four month NHL lockout. The Bruins defenseman hadnt even been back on German soil in seven years after bursting onto the NHL scene and marrying an American woman. So it was easy to acknowledge that it was nice for Seidenberg to finally be home, and the 31-year-old managed to put up 20 points (2 goals, 18 assists) in 26 games for Mannheim.

It was nice playing with him and it lasted a few months longer than I expected, said Seidenberg. It was a good time and a good experience being on the same team with him. Just being home again was great. I hadnt been home in seven years. I got to hang out with people that I never really see any more, and I got to play for the team that got it all started for me.

But it was also bittersweet given the circumstances that kept him away from his regular gig guarding the Bruins net like a finely built German tank and lugging pucks straight up the ice.

Staying busy, skating in organized practices and keeping in game shape are things I enjoyed and Im certainly grateful for, said Seidenberg, who will once again play a big-minute role along the blue line for the Bruins this season. But now its time to get back and Im so excited to be back and ready to play.

Given the injury to Adam McQuaid that may delay his start to the season and an expected slow orientation process for rookie Dougie Hamilton if he makes the Bruins club, a good deal will be expected for Seidenberg along with Zdeno Chara. So its a good sign that he feels rested and ready to go, and even better that hes in midseason form with a scant week-long training camp beginning this weekend.

Steelers RB Williams tweets nonsensical video about Patriots fan, deflated football


Steelers RB Williams tweets nonsensical video about Patriots fan, deflated football

DeAngelo Williams is not a Patriots fan. The Steelers running back took a shot at Bill Belichick back in February, and in July, after Tom Brady accepted his four-game suspension for Deflategate, Williams said he was happy the Patriots were going to be running into issues to start this season. 

I am glad they got problems. I don't care,” Williams said. “Everybody has their problems, and I am glad they have theirs.”

Williams' most recent shot at the Patriots is a confusing one. It's clear he had an idea. He probably even thought it was a funny idea. The execution, though, was . . . lacking. Instead of a production put on by a multi-millionaire, the video he tweeted on Saturday looked more like something written and shot by a couple of third graders then slapped up on YouTube. 

Hey, DeAngelo? Yeah, um, what was that? He may not get back to us so if anyone out there has any answers, by all means, leave a comment.

Sunday, Oct. 23: Hall fitting in with Devils


Sunday, Oct. 23: Hall fitting in with Devils

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while waiting to find out which Walking Dead character got brained by Lucille in last season’s cliffhanger. I’m going with Abraham.

*The SI roundtable talks about the future of Jacob Trouba, and where he’ll end up going when his current situation resolves itself.

*P.K. Subban is apparently getting very comfortable in Nashville, and enjoying life in a city with NFL football.

*Fun conversation between Yahoo’s Josh Cooper and Brad Marchand about a whole range of random topics.

*A cool father-son story where they became the goaltending tandem for the Ontario Reign through a series of dominoes falling after Jonathan Quick went down with injury for the Los Angeles Kings.

*Pro Hockey Talk has Taylor Hall serving as exactly what the New Jersey Devils have needed for the last couple of years.

*For something completely different: FOH (Friend of Haggs) Dan Shaughnessy says that the MLB playoffs couldn’t have played out any worse for the Boston Red Sox.