Seguin on lockout: 'It's looking better'

Seguin on lockout: 'It's looking better'
November 8, 2012, 2:03 am
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BOSTON -- Boston Bruin standout Tyler Seguin returned to the TD Garden on Wednesday night. Only this time he was an onlooker, sitting courtside at the Boston Celtics - Washington Wizards game during the NHL lockout.
Seguin, who has been playing for EHC Biel in Switzerland, is back in town during a break. He is hopeful for a resolution to the lockout."It's all positive right now," he told "We're meeting and obviously people heard how long the meeting was yesterday and I think currently we're in a meeting again. So it's looking better and hopefully soon."
Seguin plans to return to Europe on Saturday unless a deal is reached.
"I'm optimistic, but I'm also real about it," he said. "I was over in Europe and I heard the NHL offered 50-50 and I got my hopes really high and happy. Then I found out more details about the deal and kind of came back down. I hope we reach a deal here soon."
Sitting inches away from NBA action, Seguin looks forward to getting back on the ice with his own teammates in black and gold.
"Right now I just miss the boys the most, hanging out," he said. "Europe hockey is a bit different than NHL hockey. It's really good, but it's still not the same."