Sean Avery dresses CSNNE

Sean Avery dresses CSNNE
October 7, 2011, 3:28 pm

By Justin Aucoin

Earlier this week renowned hockey pest Sean Avery got waived by the NY Rangers. And, to no ones surprise, not a single team claimed him, proving that the market for fashion-forward ice nuisances is pretty much non-existent even after the year and playoffs Brad Marchand had for Boston last year.

Thats how badly no one wants Sean Avery.

And times are already hitting Avery hard. He was seen in Stockholm by our buddies over at shopping for some new furniture at Ikea.

Not really Avery

So whats Sean to do now with all that free time? Rot away on some AHL team? Head over to the KHL? Hell no. A man with his talents, skills and creativity needs to be let free to blossom.

Its time for him to dive headfirst into the world of fashion. decided to give Avery a chance and hired him for a few days to be the studios official Fashion Guru. First up, everyones favorite Great American Hockey Show co-host, Mike Giardi.

Heres what Mike looks like around the office.

And then after a weekend shopping spree:

A mild improvement by the Office Fashion Guru. Maybe hell have better luck with his next victim err client.

Avery quickly ran out for some new digs for the trio. He even put together a new sports-show meets comedy sitcom pilot together for them.

Even the Wicked Good Sports crew wasnt spared from Averys wrath.

And when he was done with us:

So that experiment went horribly. It was worth a try. I guess hell just have to rot in the AHL or something. Anyways, remember Averys motto kids: