Scal: 'They need to get different personnel'

Scal: 'They need to get different personnel'
January 26, 2013, 6:45 am
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After the Celtics' humiliating loss to the Hawks in double-overtime, Gary Tanguay shared fans' postgame comments, including one that said the team doesn't understand effort.

That prompted Tanguay to ask Donny Marshall and Brian Scalabrine 'how would you coach the Celtics?'

Donnie Marshall laughed and didn't even want to touch the question, instead deferring to Scal.

Scalabrine put it point-blank:

"I think they need to get different personnel."

Marshall added that the chemistry isn't working.

"The mix of guys right now just isn't a good thing," said Marshall. "I don't know what else Doc Rivers can do to motivate these guys."