Sanchez is "lazy"? Well, duh


Sanchez is "lazy"? Well, duh

By Justin Aucoin

The published a story thats only adding to the smoke and ruins that is the New York Jets franchise. Apparently, some players arent too fond of how Mark Sanchez has been babied over the past few years.

We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice, said one anonymous player. Hes lazy and content because he knows hes not going to be benched.
Ouch. Brutal.

First Santonio Holmes was grilled by teammates for giving up and quitting on the team and now more Jets players are ripping Sanchez a new one for being lazy and content.

Like weve said before, you gotta look into the Jets culture for the real issue. If Sanchez is lazy and content you have to look at where hes learning it from.

Nothing like a human blob yelling at you to run faster to really get you motivated.

The answer to their problems? Peyton Manning, apparently.

Holy smokes, New England fans. Imagine seeing that face in a Jets jersey?

I mean, that has to be a Patriots fans schadenfreude wet dream, right? Manning and the Jets losing in the same game?

Daily News is already peeing themselves in excitement at the thought of Manning joining.

Whoa there, fellas. In Boston we all know what happens when you deem a team as such.

Has to be worse when theres no signings, right? Hell, the playoffs are still happening and the Daily News already wants to give the Jets the 2013 Super Bowl.

Really, maybe calling Sanchez lazy is a bit much. I mean its not like hes doing other things other than studying plays, right?

What the hell is up with this last one?

Ok, so not so much on the play studying. Or at least not football play studying if you know what we mean. But look at those only abs. You cant get those without a lot of hard work, dehydrating yourself the day before the shoot and maybe some sweet Photoshopping skills, right?

Fine. Maybe he is a bit lazy. Guarantee hes content.

Who wouldnt be. Wait, what do you mean shes too old for him?

Too soon?

Backes introduces Bruins fans to his 'Athletes for Animals' charity

Backes introduces Bruins fans to his 'Athletes for Animals' charity

JAMAICA PLAIN -- David Backes probably could have opted to have his introductory press conference inside the Bruins dressing room at TD Garden, or maybe even in some finished part of the team's new practice facility in Brighton, which is set to open a couple of months from now.

Instead, the new Bruins forward met face-to-face with the media for the first time while taking a tour of the MSPCA and, in the process, introducing Bruins fans to his “Athletes for Animals” charity, a foundation that promotes rescuing -- and protecting the welfare of -- homeless pets nationwide.

Backes took pictures with a pit bull named Greta that’s been at the MSPCA Adoption Center for the last seven months looking for a “forever home”.

And as he spoke, it became abundantly clear that this is what the 32-year-old former St. Louis Blues captain is all about.

“[Taking a tour of the facility] gives you a warm feeling inside, and makes you feel like you’re already a part of the city while helping give some attention to the great work that they’re doing,” said Backes, the owner of four dogs (Maverick, Rosey, Marty, Bebe) and two cats (Sunny, Poly), who is house-hunting in Boston this week with his wife and 13-month-old daughter.

“Hopefully this will be just the beginning of our connecting with the community, and helping serve the people that are great fans of the Bruins and that will be watching us every night. [Hopefully] they’re watching us go on deep playoff runs year after year.”

Backes’ efforts with rescue animals gained national notoriety when he took time to help with the stray dog situation in Sochi, Russia during the last Winter Olympics. But the roots of his “Athletes for Animals” charity goes back to his college days at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

“The full story is that in college we wanted an animal or two, but it just wasn’t responsible because we were renting and the landlords didn’t approve," he said "We just didn’t really have the time or resources to support them, so we volunteered at the local shelter for the three years I was in school.

“When my wife [Kelly] and I moved to St. Louis, we wanted to connect with the community, be a part and use our voice to influence social change to do our part making the world a little bit of a better place. So we said ‘Why not connect with the animal welfare rescue community?’

“We absolutely love doing it: Walking dogs, scooping litter boxes and cleaning kennels. Let’s use our voice to kick this off and see what we can do, and it really just snowballed from that to then trying to tie other guys into it. It’s not limited to the animal stuff, but the animals that don’t have a voice, and the kids that don’t have a voice, really tug at our heart strings. We want to help them with this blessing of a great voice we’ve been given as professional athletes, and to really use that to give them some help.”

For these reasons alone, Backes is a great fit in Boston. The Bruins donate heavily to the MSPCA and were one of the first NHL organizations to come up with the Pucks ‘N Pups calendar, which each year features Bruins players and their dogs, or strays from the MSPCA, to raise money for the animal welfare organization.

To learn more about Backes’ organization, “Athletes for Animals,” visit .