Rondo, Westbrook flirt with triple-doubles


Rondo, Westbrook flirt with triple-doubles

BOSTON -- It's not unusual to see Rajon Rondo come close to or achieve a triple double. But when both starting point guards in the game flirt with the mark, that's not something seen every day in the NBA.

On Friday night both Rondo and Russell Westbrook nearly reached triple-doubles in the Celtics 108-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Rondo posted 16 assists, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists in 37 minutes while Westbrook recorded 26 points, 8 dimes, and 7 boards in 38 minutes.

"Those are elite point guards," said Kevin Durant. "Two of the top five in the league so you know you expect them to have great games. Those type of guys do it night in and night out."

Rondo entered the game with nine double-doubles, Westbrook with five. Both came close to becoming the sixth player in the league to reach the triple-double mark early in the season.

"That's how he plays," Westbrook told of Rondo. "He's an all-around guard. He's going to rebound the ball, he's able to score. We have kind of similar games, so it's a good matchup. His shot is better. He shoots the ball with confidence when he needs to. He's doing a better job of that. I'm just trying to find a way to keep us getting a win."

Wins and losses were Rondo's main focus after the game as well.

"We're both young," said Rondo. "We'll be going at it for the next -- hopefully -- 10 years. It's just a matter of wins, though. We like to compete. I don't try to make it a one-on-one point guard show. That's how the media's going to play it, but that's what it is. It's all about wins and losses and we got the win tonight."