Rivers: I like our team a lot


Rivers: I like our team a lot

Playing mostly second string players on Saturday night, Doc Rivers said he sees a lot of potential in the 2012-2013 Celtics. He was particularly impressed with one of his rookies.

"Kris Joseph was terrific... one thing he has a knack for is his rebounding. It's unbelievable for his position."

Rivers went on to say that he's working to find just the right balance between his veteran players and his talented younger players. But if Saturday showed anything, it was that this Celtics team has a tremendous amount of depth and could be a very dangerous team.

"I like our team a lot," said Rivers. "We're going to be good. I really believe that."

If the Celtics can count on the kind of performance they got from their reserves on Saturday, it will be hard to argue with Rivers' assessment.