The Rex Ryan Diaries: Vengeance


The Rex Ryan Diaries: Vengeance

By Adam Hart

Friday Jan. 14, 2011

Dear Diary,

Ha. Ha. Ha. So funny.

Wes Welker made reference to feet ten times yesterday. Oh, he's hilarious.

But I don't blame Welker. Why, you ask? (Even though you're a diary and you can't physically ask a question, unless you're haunted.) Because that expletive Belichick is behind this. I can smell it from here, like a firm pair of slightly-sweaty -- expletive, I can't help myself.

A lot of people think Belichick lost his funny bone in a tragic accident at the age of nine. Wrong. This cryptic, subtle "humor" is right up his boring-expletive alley.

The Patriots think they're having the last laugh. Expletive, do they have another thing coming. I'mma blame this on Brady. That long-haired, supermodel-wife-having expletive won't have any choice but to throw to Welker all night. He can't resist trying to rub it in our faces, like a beautiful pair of soft -- expletive, there I go again!

Point is, Welker's going to be stranded on Revis Island. That means it's mother-expletive Pick City for us. It's all too expletive easy. Game over.

. . . Know what? This is the first time all week I've spent game planning. Feels kind of nice, like the gentle rub of another's foot against my leg.

Expletive it; I give up trying to hide it. I'm not going to stop loving what I love.



Spooner responds positively to healthy scratch


Spooner responds positively to healthy scratch

BOSTON -- It wasn’t perfect by any means, but Saturday night represented a step in a positive direction for Ryan Spooner.

The 24-year-old speedy forward was scratched for the home opener against New Jersey in classic message-sending fashion by Bruins coach Claude Julien, and deserved it based on a passive lack of production combined with some costly mistakes as well. So he stayed quiet, put in the work and then returned to the lineup Saturday vs. the Montreal Canadiens where he scored a power play goal in the 4-2 loss to the Habs at TD Garden.

“He was better,” agreed Claude Julien. “He was better tonight.”

Spooner could have had even more as he got a couple of great scoring chances in the first period vs. Montreal, but Carey Price was able to turn away a couple of free looks at the Montreal net. So the Bruins forward felt he possibly left points on the ice after it was all said and done, but also clearly played his best game of the young season after going from the press box back to the lineup.

“Yeah, I had like maybe four or five [chances] that I could have scored on,” said Spooner. “I’ve just got to bear down on those [scoring opportunities], and a lot [of them] in the first period. It’s good that I’m getting those looks, but I have to score on them.

“I’m just going to go out there and just try to play. I can’t really think about [fighting to hold a spot]. I’ve just got to go out there and try to play, I guess, the game I can and try to use the speed that I have.”

The Spooner power play strike was a nifty one with the shifty forward and David Backes connecting on a pass across the front of the net, and the young B’s forward showing the necessary assertiveness cutting to the net from his half-wall position.

Spooner had five shot attempts overall in the game, and was one of the few Bruins players really getting the chances they wanted against a pretty effective Montreal defensive group. Now it’s a matter of Spooner, along with linemates Backes and David Krejci, scoring during 5-on-5 play and giving the Bruins a little more offensive balance after riding Boston’s top line very hard during the regular season’s first couple of weeks. 

AFC: Vinatieri sets NFL record for consecutive field goals in Colts' win


AFC: Vinatieri sets NFL record for consecutive field goals in Colts' win

Ex-Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri hits his 43rd consecutive field goal, setting an NFL record, in the Colts' 34-26 victory over the Titans.

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