The Rex Ryan Diaries: How I like it


The Rex Ryan Diaries: How I like it

By Adam Hart

Wednesday Jan. 12, 2011

Dear Diary,

The chicken has come home to roost. And it smells expletive delicious.

I got a player twitting or whatever it is, someone else calling Tom Brady a expletive and another leaking game plans. Good. They're finally approaching my level.

The media'll cry about it all, say we're stoking the fire. Found out that last one from that expletive Michael Kay:

"He said to me off the air, he said, 'We know exactly what we did wrong.' He said, 'And if we ever play them again, I'm telling you that we're going to win.' He said, 'Because what we should have been done sic was funneling them in toward the middle of the field and we weren't doing that.'"

He said this, he said that. I say, "See ya!"

Like, doesn't anybody get it? I don't give two expletive what my guys say. I'm not over here criticizing Michael Kay for pronouncing the 'd' in ARod's last name like a 'j'? So maybe take care of that first, expletive, then think about blasting our style.

It's not just him, though. All these media expletive keep asking if I'm mad, if I'll punish my players. For what?! They're doing what they want; why should I expletive with that? It's all part of what I've been teaching them since training camp: my guys can do whatever they want, whenever they want -- touchdowns, interceptions, Super Bowls, meeting new lady friends.

Like, when I want a expletive snack, I get a expletive snack. When Revis wants an interception, he makes an interception. When Cromartie wants to call Tom Brady an expletive, he calls him an expletive.

Only one resisting right now is Nacho. When Nacho wants to throw a touchdown pass, Nacho throws a expletive pick. What the expletive, man? He's softer than my wife's beautiful feet . . . Ah, not even thinking about those little piggies can cheer me up. Nacho's a bust. A BUST!

. . . Sorry to get all angry there, Diary, but the media's really harshing my mellow.

Mmm... marshmallow.



Quotes, notes and stars: Pomeranz 'made one pitch that hurt' Red Sox

Quotes, notes and stars: Pomeranz 'made one pitch that hurt' Red Sox

BOSTON - Quotes, notes and stars from the Red Sox' 4-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers:


"He pitched as we had anticipated at the time of the trade.'' - John Farrell on Drew Pomeranz.

"I had a good curveball and I was locating my fastball a lot better. I was in a lot better counts all night, but I made one pitch that hurt us.'' - Pomeranz on his outing.

"He was able to limit the damage against a very good offensive team. He pitched well enough to win. I just wish we could have put more runs on the board for him.'' - Jackie Bradley Jr. on Pomeranz.



* Until Monday night, the Red Sox had won their last six series openers.

* Drew Pomeranz has allowed four or fewer hits in 12 of his 18 starts this season.

* Eleven of Travis Shaw's last 15 hits have been for extra bases.

* Jackie Bradley Jr. had his 25th multi-hit game.

* Sandy Leon is hitting .500 (11-for-22) with runners in scoring position.

* The Red Sox are 21-21 in games decided by two or fewer runs.

* Dustin Pedroia (walk, single) has reached base in 28 straight games.

* Xander Bogaerts has 133 hits through 97 games. Since 1940, only Wade Boggs (134 in 1983; 135 in 1987) and Adrian Gonzalez (135 in 2011) had more.


1) Justin Verlander

Verlander has enjoyed a bounce-back season of sorts this year, and the Red Sox got to see it up close Monday night as Verlander limited them a single run over six innings.

2) Jose Iglesias

The former Red Sox shortstop haunted his old team with a two-run homer in the sixth to put the Tigers ahead to stay.

3) Drew Pomeranz

The lefty absorbed the loss, but pitched well enough to win, giving up two runs in six innings while striking out seven.