Red Sox fans' quarterly review


Red Sox fans' quarterly review

By Jon Fucile

Like any team, the Red Sox have their fair share of bandwagon fans, fans who only stick around while the team is winning and disappear during losing streaks.

Unfortunately for hardcore Sox fans, these pink hat bandwagoners seem to be the majority these days.

There are ups and downs in a season and your smart, logical fans can see through that and just weather the storm until their team gets on track. Unless youre a Pirates fan, but they youre used to a full season of suck.

With all the emotional ups and downs, being a dedicated pink hat fan can be quite the roller coaster ride so we thought wed review the first quarter of the Red Sox season through the eyes of one of these fans.

March 31st The night before Opening Day

April 7th The Sox have just lost their 7th game in a row

April 18th Boston is on a winning streak maybe it is time to go back!

April 24th Boston has just won five in a row. The bandwagon is full.

April 30th The Sox have just lost four of five to less than stellar teams.

May 9th Boston has won six of their last nine games time to get funky

May 11th Boston just lost two in a row to the lowly Blue Jays.

May 15th The Red Sox just swept the Yankees and now these fans are cocky.

Welllooks like were right back where we started. Dont worry though, things will change again tomorrow.

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