Real World: Fake NHL Tough Guys

Real World: Fake NHL Tough Guys
April 1, 2011, 2:02 pm
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By Jon Fucile

Almost every hockey team has at least one player that is a huge wussy. Everyone knows the type. They'll throw a cross check or slash behind the refs back and run away when the opposing player responds. But once there is a ref or two in-between the wussy player and the player he has offended, all of a sudden the wussy player acts tough and tries to throw punches knowing the other player can't get to him.

Stupid fake tough guys.

What would happen if a bunch of these fake tough guys got together? Luckily MTV has us covered. With their Real World series getting stale and old, they've gone in a new direction.

So what would happen if a bunch of fake tough guys stopped being polite and started getting even wussier?

Heres a preview of the new season of the Real World.

Editor's note: RW: Fake Tough Guys tried to recruit the guy who threatened to beat up Shawn Thornton --Jim, no, Jared...wait... Jessica? Scott Walker? Oh, yeah, John Scott -- but nobody knew who, or where, he is. We conclude that he must not a real hockey player.

Watch as Mike Komisarek sucker punches a lady at a bar

And then has to answer to her son!

Chris Neil loses a fight with a cat, then throws kittens into a fire to prove he is super tough!

Jay Rosehill runs from a fight against tiny little Brad Marchand...but then kicks Marchands dog when Marchand isnt around!

Fake Tough Guys show their sensitive side when they fall in love and cuddle.

First hand looks at gut wrenching confessions you wont see from these tough guys anywhere else!

An ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture as Ott cheats on Avery, rocking the foundation of the Real World: Fake Tough Guys house!

The best part is we didnt make any of this up. Cant wait until the first episode!