Ray Allen, you sly dog


Ray Allen, you sly dog

By Adam Hart

"All week all they been hearing about how more athletic, how much speed and we all (inaudible, but could be 'bad enough' or 'better than'em'). Man, we the one that look like the older team out there. They beating us up and down the floor, jumping higher than us. Let's go."

Those were LeBron James' words -- played on TNT's game broadcast -- as the East attempted a comeback in the ever-important NBA All-Star Game. The regal comeback failed. Big surprise.

Also a sarcastic big surprise? This perceived slight executed by Ray Allen after the game.

Reporter lady: "What did LeBron say in the huddle in the fourth quarter to start that surge?"

Ray Allen: "He said something? You heard him say something?"

Reporter lady: "That's what they said on TV."

Ray Allen: Gigantic smile "Oh, I didn't hear him say anything. I must've not been been in the huddle at that time."

To be fair, Allen's might be the partially-blocked bald head in this photo of said huddle speech. To be unfair, what veteran would've listened to Bron Bron, anyway? To be fair, again, maybe Ray's protecting LeBron from the "his motivational speech failed to deliver a win" criticisms. But, to be unfair again, nobody likes LeBron.

Watch for yourself and decide. Or else.

And remember: this wouldn't have happened had that lady just paid attention to TNT's broadcast, which played the very speech about which she asked.

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