Rask groin injury in Czech Republic 'a fairly minor thing'

Rask groin injury in Czech Republic 'a fairly minor thing'
October 25, 2012, 5:25 am
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Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien have tried to avoid the reports and rundowns on the Bruins players plying their trade overseas during the NHL lockout, but thats a pretty futile effort. The reports and game summaries are easily obtained, and unfortunately world traveled fast when Bs goaltender Tuukka Rask was removed from a Tuesday game after the first period due to a groin issue.
The Bruins goalie told Czech TV the groin tweak suffered wasnt serious and that he took himself out of the game for precautionary reasons, and both his erstwhile general manager and head coach confirmed that on Wednesday night.
I learned about Rasks injury on Twitter, actually, before I learned it was a fairly minor thing and that hes probably going to play again on Friday, said Chiarelli. Its a risk that a player has to decide whether its worth it or not. As a manager you just hope that when these guys do return that theyre 1) in shape and 2) healthy.
Rask missed the final five weeks of last season due to a groinabdomen strain suffered March 3 against the New York Islanders, but was healthy enough to return to the active player roster in the series against the Washington Capitals. The 2012-13 season is a pivotal one for Rask where hes been given the inside track on the starting goalie job in Boston, and need only prove he can remain healthy and consistent enough to keep the puck-stopping gig.
Chiarelli and Julien dropped in for a surprise visit at a Mens League game at Hockey Town on Saugus, and then talked pros and cons with nine Bs players currently skating in Europe. So far the other eight Bs players aside from Rask have remained healthy in the early going while playing in Europe, and the coaching staff can only hope from afar that it stays that way.  
The guys that are playing in Europe will be back in game-shape when they do get going, but they also run the risk of getting injured, said Julien. The last I had heard on Tuukka is that it was very minor and more of a cautious move.
He knows his body well enough now that he doesnt want to run the risk of getting hurt over there. I dont anticipate any problems with that situation. Well certainly find out sooner or later when we see him back in action.
Bruins officials could find out as soon as Friday when the Finnish netminder is expected to play again for his Plzen club in the Czech League.