Is Rajon Rondo the problem or the answer for Celtics?

Is Rajon Rondo the problem or the answer for Celtics?
January 26, 2013, 12:49 am
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Felger and Mazz break down the home loss to the Knicks, and each comes to a difficult realization:

"Last night is one of the first times this year, I look out and say, for that Celtics team, this thing might not be happening," said Felger. "What good is a triple-double for your point guard if you do it in a loss? Who still gets excited, other than the broadcasters who carry the games, who's excited for Rondo's triple-double?"

But it's not just about numbers in a losing effort. Felger says it's a sign of something much more troubling.

"For Rondo to get his triple-double when he's passing behind him on a clean break... if that's what it takes for him to get his triple-double and you're losing the game and he's playing no defense, how can anyone get excited about that for half a second?"

That's where Mazz jumps in and drops what he considers to be the hardest truth:

"To me, Rondo's performance last night just makes it further apparent to me that he's a part of the problem," said Mazz. "It's a national TV game and the Knicks, and so he gets a triple-double... There was a point the Celtics got on a defensive switch and Rondo ended up with Stoudemire I think, under the basket, and you know what he did? He bodied up against Stoudemire, he fronted him and he played defense. He played defense. Rondo. Amazing isn't it? The guy's capable of playing defense when he wants to, when the game's on national TV, and it's someone relevant or he ends up matched up on a big guy. Hey what do you know? It's actually there."

For more of the heated discussion, check out the video above.