Quick Notes: Is an ugly win still a good win?

Quick Notes: Is an ugly win still a good win?
October 27, 2012, 10:40 pm
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Tom E. Curran and Mary Paoletti discuss whether the franchise success over the last 10 years has caused Patriots fans' expectations to get a little too lofty.

Curran notes that because the Patriots have been so good for so long, people start to think they're not allowed to be in the tough, ugly games like last week against the Jets, but both he and Paoletti agree that a win is a win and a loss is a loss. If the Patriots go on to win the Super Bowl, it won't matter whether the wins that got them there were by 1 point, 10 points or 40 points.

Another question - Does it matter that Stephen Gostkowski didn't talk after the game against the Jets; a game in which he forced OT with a field goal and then won the game in OT.

In a word, no. Paoletti says the important thing is that Gostkowski is always accountable when he makes a mistake, noting that he stood by and answered questions after blowing the game-winner against Arizona and missing two field goals against Buffalo. As long as a player takes accountability when they mess up, they aren't obligated to talk when they do something well.

But isn't that the fun part?