Price: 'Don't know if Schaub is ready for spotlight'

Price: 'Don't know if Schaub is ready for spotlight'
January 12, 2013, 11:54 pm
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Chris Price of and Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly join Sports Tonight to take a closer look at the Texans-Patriots playoff showdown.

Price says the Texans are not built to throw the ball all over the field. Their strength lies in Arian Foster and they need to run the ball consistently.

"I don't know if Schaub is ready for this kind of spotlight," says Price.

Although he's been in the league a while, Price believes there's still questions about whether or not Schaub can do the job in the big moments. Last week, when the Texans needed a big conversion to seal the game, Schaub came through in the clutch. But where you'd expect to see a big-time quarterback look confident in that moment, Schaub looked relieved, almost as if he wasn't sure he would come through, and as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. That's not the mark of a clutch quarterback.

Hart believes the Texans need to come in with an approach similar to the 49ers. He suggests the Texans try to make some plays over the top and build an early lead. He notes that unlike most teams, the Texans don't need to establish the play-action because they have Foster. His ability means a defense automatically respects the play-action.

For more on Price and Hart's thoughts about the matchup, check out the video above.